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Daria Digiovanni: The Hope and the Change: A Review

As I watched the spontaneous interviews, I was struck by how earnestly these folks believed in President Obama, for example, his campaign promise to cut the deficit in half, which of course never happened. These good people described in earnest their utter disappointment and confusion when shortly after taking office, instead of working to improve our ailing economy, Obama passed a second stimulus and auto bailout and rammed a massive government-run healthcare scheme down the throats of the American public.

Although part of me shook my head at their surprise, another part of me felt genuine sympathy for these voters who truly felt “duped” by the President. As one of them states, President Obama pulled a “bait and switch”.

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The biggest lesson I came away with after watching this film is that we are doing voters such as the ones featured in The Hope and the Change a huge disservice by withholding information that can help them make better voting decisions for themselves, their families and the country. Time to toss out the old adage about not discussing religion and politics and start conversing with swing voters who determine election outcomes.

If you’re struggling to understand the mindset of these citizens, I highly recommend watching The Hope and the Change and sharing it with every voter you know. You just might save the country in the process.

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