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Don’t be fooled By The Unemployment Numbers

Although the April jobs report numbers are portrayed in a positive light – with an unemployment rate of 6.3% – some 806,000 people have been forced to leave the workforce. These are Americans who desperately want to work and be able to provide for their families – but they simply cannot find a job in this anemic economy, which has slowed to a growth rate of 0.1%.

With Democrats in Congress continuing to stifle the Keystone Pipeline project; it is no wonder that job creation is nowhere near where it should be. It is extremely frustrating that the blockade that is the Democratic-led Senate continues to push aside and ignore the dozens of job-creating bills that have been passed in the House. If job-creation was the focus, as was promised by President Obama countless times, our economy would not be in the state it is currently in.

We have become a country of part-time workers who all desperately want to find full-time work, but there are simply no jobs to be had. Not only are businesses unable to hire new workers, but they have been trampled on by Obamacare and are being forced to cut longstanding employees. The hopelessness we currently find in our job market cannot be fixed without a true effort put by the Senate Democrats and our current Administration. Without an honest effort, Americans, particularly young Americans just entering the workforce, are going to be unable to find a job – no matter how hard they try.

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