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Emerging Corruption – Review: Fire From the Heartland

There are few outlets or venues for Conservative movies in Hollywood. Either the studios aren’t interested or they are threatened by the message. This have left independent film makers with the honor of chronicling what is a turning point in American history. Citizen’s United film, Fire from the Heartland does an exceptional job of capturing the spirit of the times.

The film is riveting and the personal stories of the cast add a sense of connection to these women. As one listens to their stories, we realize that they are also our stories. Fire from the Heartland offers a glimpse of the steel behind the woman at the podium. The words are not speeches, or rallying cries at an event, instead they are testaments of strength and endurance. A strange thing happened to Conservative women as we took up the cause of politics. Secretly, we wondered about our qualifications, our lack of political finesse, our time away from the family. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a gifted narrator and her words reassure women everywhere that we are not alone. Bachmann speaks of the strength of the American woman and the instinctual “Mama Grizzly” reaction that many women are feeling right now.

Bachmann, who was the keynote speaker at this past week’s Smart Girl Summit, reiterated that same message during her speech to a crowd of Smart Girls. The event also screened the movie and many of the cast members were either speakers or present. Fire from the Heartland is a powerful film that spotlights the true grit of the Conservative woman.

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