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Executive Orders?

Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday that the Obama Administration is considering “Executive Orders” to prevent gun violence. It is clearly stated by the Second Amendment that Americans have a right to keep and bear arms. President Obama must not overstep his powers and trample on the Constitution. He can facilitate legislation in Congress and if Congress oversteps its bounds, the United States Supreme Court will weigh in. President Obama and Democrats are pushing for gun control that would result in only criminals having guns.

Just last week, a suburban Atlanta mother shot an intruder who had broken into her house protecting herself and her small children. The mother’s husband just recently took her to a gun range and taught her how to shoot responsibly. The mother emptied the magazine hitting the intruder five times. If the mother did not have a firearm to protect herself and her family the situation could have ended differently. Thankfully, she exercised her Second Amendment right and protected her family.

I am a father of four children, my heart aches for those children and teachers lost at Sandy Hook. But the answer is not to gut our Second Amendment rights. The problem is not guns but the culture of violence that we live in. When the youth of America would rather play a first person shooter game online than have a catch with a parent something is very wrong with our society.

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