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Obama Attacks Free Speech

President Obama jumped into the Democrat campaign to limit the free speech rights of grassroots groups like Citizens United this weekend when he used his weekly radio address to support Sen. Chuck Schumer’s ‘reform’ bill. What President Obama conveniently left out of his address, however, was any mention of Senator Schumer’s statement at the bill’s unveiling that he hoped that the bill would reduce the number of people who decide to participate in the political process – the very definition of a governmental attempt to limit free speech.

Since January, when the Supreme Court issued its resounding defense of the First Amendment, Democrats have been wailing that the ‘people’ will be drowned out by corporations in the political debate – including President Obama’s unprecedented and deceptive histrionics at the State of the Union.

But Citizens United is a ‘corporation’ funded by an average donation of around $50 from hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens… Read More

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