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Chuck Schumer


Today Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is introducing “DISCLOSE Act 2.0,” which will have the same failed outcome as the original DISCLOSE Act. DISCLOSE Act 2.0 is written to chill free speech and only serves the purpose of making sure incumbents are reelected. I guess Chuck Schumer only cares about the retention of the […]

Reid Needs To Go

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does not take our budget crisis seriously and is refusing to budge from the failed status quo because he is more interested in scoring political points and protecting his pet projects.  Instead of working on a fiscally responsible budget, last month he wasted time pontificating about how a cowboy poetry […]

Obama Attacks Free Speech

President Obama jumped into the Democrat campaign to limit the free speech rights of grassroots groups like Citizens United this weekend when he used his weekly radio address to support Sen. Chuck Schumer’s ‘reform’ bill. What President Obama conveniently left out of his address, however, was any mention of Senator Schumer’s statement at the bill’s […]