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NBC News: Citizens United seeks to turn ‘The Hope and The Change’ on President Obama

… In Bossie’s movie, an advance copy of which he  shared with NBC News, a parade of 40 voters—all of whom say they voted for Obama in 2008 and many with hard luck stories – vent about bailouts, subsidies for the wealthy, health care and their utter disillusionment with the president.

“There are some really unbelievably powerful moments in this film where you get choked up over,” says Bossie, as he discussed his high hopes for the movie in an interview Sunday.  “ Because these people, they’re your average Americans.  These are average Americans.”

The voters seen in the film weren’t selected by accident. They were culled from thousands of participants in focus groups in key battleground states conducted for Citizens United by  Patrick Cadell, the one- time Jimmy Carter pollster (and now a regular commentator on Fox News.) Cadell  teamed up with Bossie and director Steve Bannon—former executive chairman of, the website of the late conservative activist Andrew Breitbart–  to make “The Hope and The Change.”

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“It’s really a story of these 40 Democrats and Independents and their lives over the last four years,” says Bossie. “They bought into the hope and change.  They bought into the rhetoric of, ‘I’m a uniter, not a divider.’ … If conservatives can learn  to talk these people – this group of people – they’re going to be able to win a lot of elections.

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