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Obama: The Public Financing Hypocrite

The newly minted House Republican majority will be bringing legislation to the Floor to end the public financing of presidential campaigns this week, which the Obama Administration “strongly opposes.” President Obama, who opted out of the public finance system after first saying that he would play by the rules in 2008, has zero credibility on the issue. With the Obama campaign aiming to raise $1 billion for reelection, President Obama is trying to have it both ways when it comes to the public financing issue.

The Obama Administration released a statement today against the legislation that hypocritically said:

“After a year in which the Citizens United decision rolled back a century of law to allow corporate interests to spend vast sums in the Nation’s elections and to do so without disclosing the true interests behind them, this is not the time to further empower the special interests or to obstruct the work of reform.”

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To the contrary, this is why the Citizens United decision was so critical. President Obama is working the system in his favor, and without the Citizens United decision he could have gotten away with it. President Obama wants to restrict everyone’s first amendment rights except his own.

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