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Obamacare Exempted For Members of Congress?

Only in Washington! As reported in Politico it looks like the same Members of Congress and their staffers who brought America Obamacare now want to be exempt. This hypocrisy stinks to high heaven and one of the reasons why Americans hate Washington. After Americans made it clear that they did not support or want the government to control our healthcare system and Congress ignoring our cries, they don’t want to be subjected to a law we Americans have to follow.

This was the very thing we warned about ahead of the passage of Obamacare and we can’t keep amending a bill and granting waivers to protect the few while subjecting the middle class to all the red tape and astronomical fees of this legislation. Enough is enough when it comes to folks in Washington not playing by the same set of rules the rest of us have to. Members of Congress and their staffers need pay the price like the rest of us do on Obamacare and in doing so they will come to the same conclusion we did before it was even passed: Obamacare is not the remedy for what ails our healthcare system. Now is not the time to exempt Capitol Hill from the bill they passed, it’s time to finally make this law history by eliminating it and starting over with a responsible, conservative approach.

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