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Obamacare Still a Debacle One Year Later

A CNN Poll out today marking the one-year anniversary of Obamacare shows that the passage of time has not dulled the public’s vociferous opposition to the bill – Americans still reject the policy by an overwhelming 59 percent majority.  The legislation that President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi strong-armed through a Democrat controlled Congress against the wishes of the people has already failed in its first year.

Even the Medicare Chief Actuary officer has said that the claim Obamacare will keep health care costs down is “FALSE, more so than true.” This example is just a small glimpse of the repercussions and unintended consequences that have resulted because President Obama decided to enact a bill that no one bothered to read or understand how it worked (or doesn’t work).

The House of Representatives has thankfully vote to repeal Obamacare and restrict funding through the appropriations process, but there appears to be $105.5 billion that has been automatically appropriated to fund Obamacare. The $105 billion is up-front spending that will help startup Obamacare.  At a price tag of at least $1 trillion, Obamacare needs to be fully defunded right now before it adds any more to our runaway $14 trillion debt.

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President Obama promised to unite Washington and all of America with a new brand of hopeful “post-partisanship.” It’s downright stunning how things change once a politician assumes power. When the American people railed against the bill and said, “It’s the economy, stupid,” President Obama and Nancy Pelosi ignored them. They instead listened to their deep-pocketed union bosses who said, “Pass Obamacare or else.” The decision to defy the will of the people and pass Obamacare instead of focusing on the economy could well be the issue that decides who will be sworn in on 1/20/2013.

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