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Obama’s DOJ Investigation of the IRS is a Fraud

Way back in May 2013, Citizens United called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the IRS political targeting scandal. My op-ed calling for the special counsel was entitled “A Special Counsel No-Brainer.”

It was clear to me then and remains clear to me today that a Barack Obama and Eric Holder controlled Department of Justice could not run an unbiased investigation of this politically sensitive issue.
So today (8 months later), I was not surprised to read that Congressmen Issa and Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Holder objecting to the lack of cooperation by the FBI with Congress regarding the IRS targeting probe, and to inform that the Department of Justice has selected a staff attorney who happens to be an Obama campaign contributor to conduct its IRS targeting investigation. This is a disgrace and why trust in government has never been worse.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder ought to be ashamed.

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Should this Obama campaign contributor – Ms. Bosserman – be removed from the case immediately? That goes without saying – of course she should. It’s this simple: we need to demand more of our public servants.

It will take the American people to stand up and demand this investigation be taken out of the ultra- politicized Justice Department and into the hands of an independent special counsel with a reputation for impartiality.

I hate to say I told you so.

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