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Politico: Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush? Florida governor may pick neither

Florida might have four GOP candidates for president. But none might be endorsed by the state’s Republican governor, Rick Scott.

When will he endorse, and who will it be? Scott won’t say. But the governor is personally close to two potential contenders who have no personal ties to Florida: former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both of whom attended Scott’s second-term inauguration in January.

What Scott’s actions have made clear, however, is that he’s starting to raise his profile nationally. At the same time, the once-unpopular governor is repairing some damaged relations with fellow Republicans in Florida.

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By announcing he’ll likely endorse in the primary, Scott began to reinsert himself in the political dialogue of the nation’s most important swing state just as it’s receiving a disproportionate amount of attention due to the depth of the GOP’s bench of potential candidates: former Gov. Jeb Bush (a Coral Gables resident); Sen. Marco Rubio (West Miami); former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (Walton County); and Dr. Ben Carson (West Palm Beach).

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