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President Obama: Stop Putting Party Ahead of Country

President Obama, what is the reason for the new Right To Work law in Michigan?  As you and your team always say:  elections have consequences!  Your continued opposition to any innovative labor reform bill in suffering states will be a part of your awful economic legacy.

Michigan’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country and the state’s economic woes are well documented.  Don’t be afraid of change, Mr. President.  It just might improve your horrid jobs record.

NBC News shed some light on what perhaps are your true motivations for opposing the new law in Michigan:

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“Major unions such as the AFL-CIO and the UAW were staunch supporters of President Barack Obama’s successful re-election bid. Any moves that hurt their membership numbers, or ability to collect dues, also could impact their ability to support Democrats in future elections.”

Putting party ahead of country once again.  Let that one sink in, America.

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