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President Obama: Stop Putting Party Ahead of Country

President Obama, what is the reason for the new Right To Work law in Michigan?  As you and your team always say:  elections have consequences!  Your continued opposition to any innovative labor reform bill in suffering states will be a part of your awful economic legacy. Michigan’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate is one of the […]

Lessons From Ohio

Liberals claim Issue 2 was a referendum on Governor John Kasich’s first year in office, so then was Issue 3 a referendum on President Obama – who is actually on the ballot in Ohio next year? Keeping the union reforms of Senate Bill 5 on the books (Issue 2) may have lost, but Obamacare’s health […]

Politico: Citizens United Spends Big In Ohio

Citizens United, the conservative political organization best known for the eponymous Supreme Court decision that last year altered the nation’s campaign finance landscape, will on Thursday begin blasting six-figures worth of advertisements throughout Ohio in support of limiting most state workers’ collective bargaining rights. The ads, which are slated to target the Cincinnati market in […]

Join the Fight Against Unions in Ohio!

On Tuesday November 8th, voters in Ohio will go to the polls to vote on an important ballot measure known as “Issue 2”, the referendum on Senate Bill 5. Citizens United is a strong supporter of the Senate Bill 5 reform law in Ohio. This is a bold piece of legislation spearheaded by Ohio Governor […]

Why We Welcome AFL-CIO’s Super PAC

After the United States Supreme Court handed Citizens United a great victory for free speech with its historic decision in Citizens United v. FEC in 2010, the AFL-CIO was aghast. In a statement released the day of the decision, the AFL-CIO said, “…the Supreme Court further tilted the playing field in favor of business corporations […]

Obamacare Waivers For Me, But Not For Thee

Democrat and New York Congressman Anthony Weiner (who argued Obamacare did not go far enough and pushed for a public option, but now is one of the law’s biggest supporters) is looking into getting an Obamacare waiver for New York City. Rep. Weiner has even boasted, “A lot of people who got waivers were … […]

Time: Dead Magazine Walking

On January 8th, Time Magazine ran an article with the headline “Violent Rhetoric and Arizona Politics” in the wake of the tragic shootings in Arizona. The article tried to tie heated rhetoric and the immigration debate in Arizona to the Giffords shootings. In reality the shootings were committed by a homicidal maniac who has mental […]