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Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s Pipe Dream

For the third time Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen reintroduced the DISCLOSE Act. With our debt approaching $16.5 trillion and unemployment stagnant at 7.8 percent doesn’t the Congressman have more important things to do then reintroduce a defeated piece of legislation? The DISCLOSE Act is an incumbent protection plan. This misguided bill failed in 2010 and a second version of the DISCLOSE Act failed again in the last Congress.

The DISCLOSE Act is an incumbent protection plan that would restrict the rights of the American people to join together and speak out against elected officials and it is worth noting that it was pushed during election years. The American people want their government to work for them, not to continually attempt to pass flawed pieces of legislation that only help ineffective incumbents get reelected. Chris Van Hollen is just trying to win political points with his liberal base and not being a serious legislator.

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