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Chris Van Hollen

Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s Pipe Dream

For the third time Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen reintroduced the DISCLOSE Act. With our debt approaching $16.5 trillion and unemployment stagnant at 7.8 percent doesn’t the Congressman have more important things to do then reintroduce a defeated piece of legislation? The DISCLOSE Act is an incumbent protection plan. This misguided bill failed in 2010 […]

Free Speech Again Preserved With Van Hollen Loss

Washington, DC — Citizens United President David N. Bossie issued the following statement on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia’s reversal of a lower court’s decision forcing nonprofits to disclose their donors. “The First Amendment was again preserved today when the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled against a lawsuit stifling free […]

U.S.News & World Report: Should There Be Less Disclosure in Campaign Finance?

CU President David Bossie answers the Debate Club question: Campaign Finance Disclosure Is a Burden That Restricts Independent Speech Proponents of disclosure argue that it is necessary to provide important information to voters. In reality, the information provided does little if anything to enlighten a voter. The current disclosure regime requires federal political committees to […]

Washington Times: Chris Van Winkle

CU President David Bossie takes Chris Van Hollen to task in The Washington Times: Languorous leader snoozed through Democrat dangers Less than two weeks ago, before House Democrats lost more than 60 seats and their majority, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Chris Van Hollen, the man whose sole job is to retain the majority, […]

Statement From David Bossie on Schumer Campaign Finance Legislation

Statement From David Bossie on Schumer Campaign Finance Legislation: “This bill, like many that have come before it, is a incumbent-protection power grab dressed up in the sheep’s clothing of ‘reform.’ The bureaucratic jungle that this bill would create will force groups of modest means like Citizens United to spend thousands of dollars of donor […]

Citizens United Response to Castle-Van Hollen Legislation

The following is a statement from Citizens United President David N. Bossie: “Mike Castle signing on to a bill does not bipartisanship make. A Republican running for a Senate seat held by a Democrat since the 1970s has plenty of political motivation to hold hands with the Democrat leadership whenever he gets a chance. “But […]

Citizens United Releases Results of National Opinion Poll on Campaign Finance “Reform”

Today, Citizens United released the results of a nationwide poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates on the public’s opinion of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and legislative efforts reacting to the decision. Contrary to the results of the recent Washington Post/ABC poll, the McLaughlin poll found that when […]