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David Axelrod

This Is What Media Bias Looks Like

This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer welcomed “former senior Obama advisor and NBC political analyst David Axelrod”. The interview Matt Lauer conducted however, was with Axelrod that Obama advisor, not a political analyst. Every word uttered by Axelrod was a staunch defense of his former boss and a complete regurgitation of White House […]

Cagle Post: Dusting Off The Tired Clinton Playbook

As Washington sizzles in scandal, an all too familiar playbook is coming out of hibernation from the 1990s. I was the chief investigator of the then-named U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the infamous Clinton scandals. When former President Clinton was mired in a number of scandals those in his […]

“Journalists” Partying with Obama

Linda Douglass – former ABC news reporter, turned White House Obamacare spokesperson, turned Atlantic Media vice president – hosted a party this past weekend for out-going Obama senior staffer David Axelrod. Many reporters and Obama Administration officials showed up, as well as President Obama himself, to the highbrow party in Georgetown. The commingling of journalists and […]