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This Is What Media Bias Looks Like

This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer welcomed “former senior Obama advisor and NBC political analyst David Axelrod”. The interview Matt Lauer conducted however, was with Axelrod that Obama advisor, not a political analyst. Every word uttered by Axelrod was a staunch defense of his former boss and a complete regurgitation of White House talking points.

What every non-political viewer of the Today Show doesn’t know, because the Today Show producers failed to put it in Matt Lauer’s script, is that David Axelrod is the architect of the Obama presidency and a staunch liberal. To suggest that he can merely analyze news involving President Obama is ridiculous, and his deep ties to Obama World and those currently working in the White House needs to be FULLY disclosed to the viewers of not just this program, but any NBC program Axelrod appears on to “analyze” current political events.

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The reality is that David Axelrod isn’t a just a political analyst. He’s NBC News’ Senior Democratic Political Analyst. That distinction makes a huge difference and shame on NBC News for not fully stating Axelrod’s political background. Not just with the Obama White House, but with the Democratic Party.

Not only should producers have highlighted this important information, they should have provided a counter-point to Axelrod’s statements. This is just another example of the shameful bias of NBC “News” in their quest to keep the American people ill-informed. If they were to give their viewers all the facts, who knows? They may actually (gasp!) realize they aren’t New York City elitist liberals.

Shame on NBC. Americans are smart enough to come to their own conclusions, and deserve to know all the facts.

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