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Keith Olbermann

Reason: The AFL-CIO, Citizens United, Super PACs, & What a Difference a Couple Years Make

From Nick Gillespie on the AFL-CIO’s hypocrisy in creating a Super PAC on Reason’s Blog: …What “changes in the law”? The Citizens United decision, which struck down laws regulating independent political messaging by for-profit and non-profit corporations on First Amendment grounds. If you don’t remember it as being about a documentary that was censored by […]

Keith Olbermann Is The Worst Person In America!

First Keith Olbermann was fired from NFL Sunday Night Football, now he has been suspended from MSNBC for giving money to Democrat candidates in the 2010 midterms. It is pretty ironic that Keith Olbermann gets suspended indefinitely because he cannot follow NBC’s own campaign finance rules. It truly has been a great week.