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Cagle Post: The Bunker Mentality

Tonight President Obama will attempt to right the ship of his listless campaign during the second of three crucial debates. Set as a town hall-style debate, President Obama must connect with his fellow Americans in order to score some points. The problem is that President Obama has been in the White House bunker since he […]

Cagle Post: Leading From Behind

The Obama Administration touted earlier this year that the President was “leading from behind” when it came to the conflict in Libya, which pretty much means not leading at all. Come to think of it, one can make the argument that President Obama has been “leading from behind” throughout his ill-fated presidency. Whether it is […]

Politico: President Obama vindicated on Libya?

The situation in Libya is still evolving, with battles being waged around Muammar Qadhafi’s compound in Tripoli this morning. President Obama should not be sucked into a “mission accomplished” type of speech. Unlike in Egypt, Libya is a tribal-based society that can dissolve very quickly into anarchy without a strong central government. Read more at […]