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Cagle Post: The Bunker Mentality

Tonight President Obama will attempt to right the ship of his listless campaign during the second of three crucial debates. Set as a town hall-style debate, President Obama must connect with his fellow Americans in order to score some points. The problem is that President Obama has been in the White House bunker since he took office and has been out of touch with the average citizen for years.

Bad policies are bad policies. Working on his delivery and style won’t change the fact that Obama is attempting to sell the same old backward policies that has America going in the wrong direction. We are on the precipice of the proverbial “fiscal cliff” with over $16 trillion in debt and President Obama is worried about the celebrity feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Seriously, is this what the President of the United States should be worried about during this time of fiscal crisis?

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