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WSJ: The Super PAC Boomerang

Today’s Wall Street Journal points out “Campaign-finance scolds denounce the system they created”: In the common media wisdom, super PACs are a result of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling. This is said to have created a “loophole” that the super PACs have exploited to evade campaign-finance restrictions on the money that candidates can […]

Business Week: Political Front Groups Have It Backward

In the Business Week Debate Room, CU President David Bossie responds to the topic “U.S. Political front groups that don’t have to disclose donors’ identities are inherently unethical. Pro or con?” Con: A Venerable Tradition To call organizations that engage in political speech while protecting the identities of their donors “front groups” that are “inherently […]

Human Events: Unsung Heroes!

Ron Robinson celebrates the unsung heroes of the 2010 election: To hijack President Obama’s favorite analogy: Obama’s policies drove the Democrats into a political ditch. He took America down a path they never expected him to go. Now the voters have turned the keys over to Speaker John Boehner! The Republicans won an historic victory, […]

Citizens United Response to Castle-Van Hollen Legislation

The following is a statement from Citizens United President David N. Bossie: “Mike Castle signing on to a bill does not bipartisanship make. A Republican running for a Senate seat held by a Democrat since the 1970s has plenty of political motivation to hold hands with the Democrat leadership whenever he gets a chance. “But […]

Statement From David N. Bossie: Citizens United Prevails At Supreme Court

Statement From David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United “Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing Citizens United to air its documentary films and advertisements is a tremendous victory, not only for Citizens United but for every American who desires to participate in the political process. “As our case amply demonstrates, campaign finance legislation over the […]

The Constitutional Right to Listen

We usually think of freedom of speech as involving the right of speakers to speak, whether through public addresses, in writing, or over radio and television airwaves. But the courts have recognized an additional dimension to First Amendment free speech rights: the right to listen and watch. This right takes center stage in a current […]

Citizens United Files Brief in Landmark Campaign-Finance Case

Supreme Court urged to strike down ban on corporate ads WASHINGTON, DC— On Friday, March 23, Citizens United, a conservative advocacy organization, filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to strike down a key provision of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, which bans corporations from sponsoring TV and radio ads that refer to a […]