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Human Events: Unsung Heroes!

Ron Robinson celebrates the unsung heroes of the 2010 election:

To hijack President Obama’s favorite analogy: Obama’s policies drove the Democrats into a political ditch. He took America down a path they never expected him to go. Now the voters have turned the keys over to Speaker John Boehner! The Republicans won an historic victory, capturing 60 House seats, a victory made all the sweeter after disappointing losses in 2006 and 2008. Clearly the American people, the taxpayers, and future taxpayers were winners.

Two non-candidates who made a difference are David Bossie and Michael Boos. Bossie is the chairman of Citizens United (CU), and Boos is CU’s general counsel. When in 2008 the Federal Election Commission banned a film of theirs that was critical of Hillary Clinton, they challenged federal election laws and regulations. The Supreme Court eventually ruled in their favor in the famed Citizens United v. FEC case that overturned sections of the newly enacted McCain-Feingold law. By protecting our rights to participate in freer elections, Bossie and Boos gave the Republicans a more level playing field in 2010 elections.

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The Democrats, labor union bosses, and the mainstream media previously enjoyed a huge advantage in deciding America’s elections. In the 2008 elections, for example, Obama exploited at least a 300 million-dollar advantage in campaign revenues over his Republican rival John McCain. In 2010, thanks to Citizens United, businesses and average Americans found new opportunities to participate. Obama defeated McCain for President in 2008 in large part because of the rules favoring the Left enacted in the McCain-Feingold bill. Ironically, in 2010, a previously uninvolved businessman, Ron Johnson, ousted Russ Feingold in one of the most unexpected upsets.

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