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Politico: Media in the tank for Obama?

President Obama has gotten a free ride from the liberal media since his days as a community organizer. Why would it change now? President Obama believes that he still does not need to be vetted. He has never released his college transcripts, he has never released his admission papers, and he refuses to release his […]

White House Shutting Out Press For Unfavorable Coverage

As President Obama tours the country to raise funds for his $1 billion reelection campaign, it seems that the White House Press Office is taking this opportunity to punish news organizations for coverage it deems unfavorable. The Boston Herald has been denied access to President Obama today because the White House believes the Herald has […]

Time: Dead Magazine Walking

On January 8th, Time Magazine ran an article with the headline “Violent Rhetoric and Arizona Politics” in the wake of the tragic shootings in Arizona. The article tried to tie heated rhetoric and the immigration debate in Arizona to the Giffords shootings. In reality the shootings were committed by a homicidal maniac who has mental […]

“Journalists” Partying with Obama

Linda Douglass – former ABC news reporter, turned White House Obamacare spokesperson, turned Atlantic Media vice president – hosted a party this past weekend for out-going Obama senior staffer David Axelrod. Many reporters and Obama Administration officials showed up, as well as President Obama himself, to the highbrow party in Georgetown. The commingling of journalists and […]