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Time: Dead Magazine Walking

On January 8th, Time Magazine ran an article with the headline “Violent Rhetoric and Arizona Politics” in the wake of the tragic shootings in Arizona. The article tried to tie heated rhetoric and the immigration debate in Arizona to the Giffords shootings. In reality the shootings were committed by a homicidal maniac who has mental issues. Fast forward to Time Magazine’s March 12th headline “Wisconsin Governor Wins, But Is He Now A Dead Man Walker?” The headline alone shows the double standard playing out in the mainstream media. After rushing to blame words from the Right for the Giffords shooting and calling for a “new tone” and “age of civility,” now they are the ones using violent rhetoric against a Republican. There have been a number of death threats lobbed at Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republican State Senators, but the mainstream media has been virtually silent about this hatred from the Left. Time Magazine’s best days are behind it; too bad the editors feel the only way to stay in business is to use salacious headlines targeting the Right.

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