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Young Patriots: Review: The Hope and The Change

The Hope and the Change is a head nodding, “amen, brother” inducing, victory fist-pumping (at least, that was my response) documentary following the journey of 40 Democrats and Independents that voted for Obama in 2008.  The movie begins with footage of election night – the teary, awe-filled crowd – practically worshipping Obama.  It documents the letdowns of these 40 of ex-supporters.

One of the Democrats interviewed in the film said, “Someone comes along and says, ‘I can make you happy.’  If you’re drowning, and someone says that they can save you, you don’t ask, ‘How are you going to do it?’  You say, ‘Save me!’”

Obama oozes charisma and vitality.  One woman said he was her “knight in shining armor.”  He promised the hope and the change that America longed for.  But, it wasn’t long before he lost the respect of many of his loyal Democratic followers.

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The movie hit all the hot topics – one of them being unemployment.  One man mentioned a close friend of his who was getting paid by the government for unemployment for 2 years.  His friend figured, “I could work, but I’ll only make a little more than what the government will give me…so I’ll just apply to jobs I can’t get or don’t want and stay home with my Cheetos.”

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