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War on Terror

Paul Krugman’s Shameful Rant

Liberal Paul Krugman’s latest screed in the New York Times charging former President George W. Bush and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani with profiteering from the tragic events on September 11th is both baseless and nauseating. Paul Krugman sits in his ivory tower at Princeton University spreading falsehoods about everything from Keynesian economics […]

Big Peace 9/11: Past, Present, And Future

On the same day we heard reports that the Obama Administration wants to draw down troop levels in Iraq from 45,000 to a dangerously low 3,000 by the end of the year, the Washington Post published an article titled “Al-Qaeda in Iraq, down but hardly out.” The piece says, “They don’t need training camps like […]

Daily Caller: Paying tribute to our armed forces

On Saturday, the nation will celebrate the 51st Armed Forces Day. America’s all-volunteer military has proven time and again to be America’s best asset. Just a few weeks ago, the skills of the Navy SEALs were on full display when they successfully killed Osama bin Laden during a daring raid inside the borders of Pakistan. […]

Family Visits for GITMO Terrorists?!

The Obama Administration may open up GITMO to detainees’ families so they can visit. If this action goes forward it will undermine our national security. GITMO detainees are the worst of the worst and I have no doubt that they would issue orders to other terrorists to direct attacks against America. Those held at GITMO […]

Cagle Post: Pakistan’s Short Leash

With Osama bin Laden dead and buried thanks to the Navy SEALs, the Obama Administration needs to reevaluate America’s relationship with Pakistan. As Jay Leno joked last week, Osama bin Laden was not “hiding out” in Pakistan – he was living there! The United States has had a long and complicated relationship with the Pakistani […]

On The Death of Osama Bin Laden

God bless the troops who took part in the successful mission to kill Osama Bin Laden yesterday. The War on Terror is not over, radical Islam extremists still want to do us harm. But today we celebrate the death of the man who killed nearly 3,000 people almost ten years ago.

Obama Has No Shame

The same day that President Obama announces his re-election campaign, Eric Holder’s Justice Department announces that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other conspirators in the September 11th terrorist attacks will be prosecuted by a military tribunal – a direct violation of a key campaign pledge Obama made during his last run for president. Coincidence? This […]

Rep. King is Right: We Must Address Homegrown Terror

Today’s Washington Post’s headline “Rep. Peter King’s Muslim hearing: Plenty of drama, less substance” completely misses the mark on Congressman King’s inquiry into Islamic radicalization in America. Holding a hearing of any kind on this subject is substantive and a first step that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are unwilling to take, especially […]

Daily Caller: The threat of homegrown terror is real

CU President David Bossie defends Rep. Peter King’s hearings into Islamic radicalism in America: The threat of homegrown terror is real, as the terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas vividly illustrated. Today the House Committee on Homeland Security, under the chairmanship of Congressman Peter King (R-NY), held a critically important hearing on “The Extent of […]