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Obama Has No Shame

The same day that President Obama announces his re-election campaign, Eric Holder’s Justice Department announces that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other conspirators in the September 11th terrorist attacks will be prosecuted by a military tribunal – a direct violation of a key campaign pledge Obama made during his last run for president. Coincidence?

This policy should have been implemented in the first weeks of Obama’s presidency. Unfortunately, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder wanted to appease their liberal allies by trying these terrorists in civilian court in the United States – against the wishes of the American people. Now with reelection around the corner, President Obama is moving to the middle to reach the moderate Americans he needs for reelection.

We are coming up on the ten-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It is a travesty that the terrorists responsible for masterminding the murders, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, have not yet been brought to justice, even more so when the delays are based on the whims of a presidential campaign.

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