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Washington Times – Inside the Beltway: Championing the ‘undecided’

Late night comics and the liberal press delight in either vilifying or parodying undecided voters, dismissing them as “boneheads” and “idiots,” or questioning their actual relevance in the presidential election. David Bossie — who spent a year interviewing undecided and disenchanted voters for his new documentary film “The Hope and the Change” — will have […]

Washington Times: Inside the Beltway: Campaign Theater

The number of independent films that flourish beyond the boundaries of Tinseltown continues to grow. First there was “2016: Obama’s America,” now in 2,000 commercial theaters and emphasizing the state of the nation should President Obama win re-election. Now comes “The Hope and the Change” produced by Citizens United founder David Bossie and veteran filmmaker […]

Washington Times – Inside the Beltway: Hope and change, part 2 Read more: Inside the Beltway: Hope and change, part 2

Consider that “2016: Obama’s America” took in $6 million over the weekend in more than 1,000 theaters around the nation, the audiences described as rapt and thoughtful over what they saw on screen. Meanwhile, another film is set to hit the public radar: “The Hope & the Change,” produced by Citizens United founder David Bossie […]

Washington Times: Chris Van Winkle

CU President David Bossie takes Chris Van Hollen to task in The Washington Times: Languorous leader snoozed through Democrat dangers Less than two weeks ago, before House Democrats lost more than 60 seats and their majority, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Chris Van Hollen, the man whose sole job is to retain the majority, […]