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Take the President’s Own Advice

With four days left until Americans choose their next leader, bad news greeted President Obama as he campaigns around the country arguing that he deserves to be rehired. The unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9%, more evidence that the economic recovery President Obama had promised is a total failure.

As John Hayward in Human Events notes, “[Obama] promised 5.2 percent unemployment by 2012 if he got his trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ bill, and openly advised Americans to vote him out of office if he failed to deliver on this promise.”

Clearly President Obama failed to deliver on his promise of a better future for all Americans in 2008 with his “hope” and “change” slogan. What he accomplished is just more of the same Big Government policies that have hurt the American people and led to $16 trillion in debt.

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America’s future is at stake and it is now in the voters’ hands. Let’s hope they take the President’s own advice.

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