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The Obamacare Lie Continues

December 31, 2013. That was the date the Obamacare employer mandate was supposed to legally go in effect, per the legislation passed by Congress. Yesterday, in a Fourth of July week news dump, the White House announced the date had been moved (by Executive Order) to 2015 which is after the 2014 midterm elections. It appears the White House is learning some things the rest of America knew all along: it’s best to read a bill before passing it, but more importantly – this bill was a train wreck to begin with.

Three years after being passed, Obamacare is becoming increasingly unpopular with each passing month. Thousands of waivers have been issued, insurance premiums are already on the rise for everyday Americans and now major parts of the legislation are being delayed. While businesses have been given a break with yesterday’s announcement, the rest of us are still on the hook and the Health Insurance Marketplace will be up and running by October 1st of this year.

Enough! Harry Reid and Democrats in the U.S. Senate need to finally take up the House’s bill repealing Obamacare and start over. No amount of waivers, delays or money spent on public relations pushes for this law will change the reality: it’s hopelessly flawed and Americans don’t want it. It’s time for repeal. We know it, and the Obama Administration deep down knows this law won’t work. How do we know? They are willing to delay harmful portions of Obamacare until after an election because they know full well once this and other portions of the bill are implemented, the few that view this government takeover favorably will finally see the light.

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