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The Shark Tank: Bannon Discusses ‘The Hope and Change’ and ‘Occupy Unmasked’ Movie Releases

…Bannon discussed his two most recent cinematic accomplishments- The Hope and Change, and Occupy Unmasked movies that were both produced by Citizens United.  The two movies bring much needed scrutiny of President Obama’s failed presidency as well as the much hyped Occupy Movement- a protest movement that receives its cues and is manipulated by surrogates of the Obama administration.

The Hope and Change will be released on TV this Tuesday September 18, 2012, and is a movie comprised of the lives of forty Americans- both Democrats and Independents who drank the Obama Kool-Aid in 2008 and had a “very strong emotional” attachment to Obama but are now regretting their decision to vote for him.

Occupy Unmasked, which is scheduled for release on September 21st, is an incisive look at the Occupy Movement from its inception and the movie carefully documents how the movement grew its legs with an assist from the mainstream media and the “professional” Left that was looking for a counter movement to the ‘Tea Party’ movement that would potentially blunt the effective job it has done to counter the socialist agenda of the left.

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