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The Washington Free Beacon: The Vast Hillary Clinton Conspiracy

That irony is not lost on David Bossie, president of Citizens United and executive producer of Hillary: The Movie.

“I fully support NBC’s efforts to make films on political leaders in America. I think it’s a fine thing to do. I just think it’s a fine thing for me to do too,” Bossie told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview.

“It’s an interesting conundrum that the left is going to find themselves in,” he said. “NBC doing this is potentially a huge favor for Citizens United. Whether we agree with the content or not, I believe in their right to do it.”

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Bossie, Graham, and others pointed out that five years after Citizens United, a conservative nonprofit group, was barred from airing its anti-Clinton documentary Hillary: The Movie, other corporations, some of which are tied to the Democratic Party, are bankrolling projects that likely will be friendlier to the Democratic superstar.

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