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Unaffordable Care Act

This morning, a National Journal analysis verified what we already know: Obamacare is unaffordable.

According to their report, premiums for almost every American will skyrocket in the new insurance exchanges than what they currently pay through employers. And to make matters worse, you will pay more out of pocket.

This is the law working as designed. By making private insurance more expensive while simultaneously using generous tax subsidies for the new system, Obamacare encourages employers to stop offering insurance. Employers such as UPS and University of Virginia, for example, have cited Obamacare for why they dropped spousal coverage.

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According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation report, employers are already making this decision, with 57% of employers still offering coverage to employees, down from 66% in 2003.

Also, not only will insurance cost more, Obamacare exchanges are a huge opening for medical identity theft. There are reports of scammers marketing fake health insurance policies, creating fake websites, and fraudulently asking for “verification” of personal information over the phone.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of problems more Americans will face as Obamacare continues to intentionally wreak havoc.

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