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Unified Patriots: Some Dems have figured things out: New Citizens United film trailer

I suggested a few times to some of my activist Unified Patriots compatriots that it would be a good idea, for anyone who had the time, to go talk to people who admitted they voted for Obama and then ask them what they thought now? And film them. Create a YouTube channel. Maybe have a contest for the best answers that were filmed. Would be easy to get the “best” responses to “go viral.”

It would be like Forrest Gump’s box of cherries — you’d never know what your were gonna get.

Many good, decent Americans became Democrats for a variety of reasons — usually having to do with their upbringing and family. Many do not know that the Democrat Party no longer is “their father’s Democrat Party” — they don’t know it has been hijacked by hard core communists/Marxists/socialists who, with happy faces, refer to themselves as “progressives.” They don’t realize this “political science” fact: Communist = Marxist = Socialist = Progressive.

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Well, I am a happy fellow tonight. Looks like Citizens United has done just as I had suggested. It has put together a full-length film, “The Hope and the Change,” using my core idea as the central theme. And it looks like, from the trailer, they shot some real gems. Real Americans who foolishly bought the “hope and change” crap and now regret it.

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