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Variety: Docmakers get right to the point

The man who was the first to respond was not from Hollywood but D.C.’s partisan battles: David Bossie, a well-known Washington political activist who ran the conservative advocacy org Citizens United.

Bossie says he saw people “blown away” by the momentum of “Fahrenheit” and how it “created this kind of pop culture movement.” But he also noticed the film’s advertising campaign was having an impact. “The TV ads were the best thing, better than anything John Kerry produced,” he says.

He contacted actor Ron Silver, who in turn told him to get in touch with writer-director Lionel Chetwynd. Along with Kevin Knoblock, Chetwynd and Ted Steinberg, they were able to rush into production a response to “Fahrenheit,” called “Celsius 41.11,” that debuted in the waning weeks of the presidential campaign. (The title refers to the temperature when the brain begins to die.)

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