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What In “Fast Terry” Is McAuliffe Afraid of?

Washington, DC – On Saturday the Terry McAuliffe for Governor Campaign sent out an email full with lies to their supporters urging them to sign a petition calling on three stations (WMDV Martinsville, WMDV Danville, and WGSR Reidsville (NC) in the Southern Virginia media market) to stop broadcasting “Fast Terry”. The documentary premiered on WMDV Martinsville and WGSR Reidsville last week and will start its runs on WMDV Danville this week.

The McAuliffe for Governor desperate email claims that Citizens United Productions last film was: “’highly misleading,’ and had ‘a real lack of facts.’ One review said ‘interviews of ordinary citizens appear to have been conducted under misleading pretenses and have been selectively edited to leave a false impression.’ Overall, it was ‘ignorant and dumb.’”

These statements are bald-faced lies. For one, the last film released by Citizens United Productions was an educational film called “Our Sacred Honor” that explores the meaning of our founding documents. The “reviews” that the McAuliffe for Governor email claims to be about a Citizens United Productions film is in fact about King of Bain, a film Citizens United did not produce. Finally, in a NBC12-Richmond newscast last week a women who participated in “Fast Terry” said she was “accurately portrayed.”

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“Terry McAuliffe nor his campaign has refuted any facts presented in ‘Fast Terry’ since we launched the documentary a week ago, and since then a federal probe has been launched into GreenTech.” said David N. Bossie, producer of “Fast Terry” and President of Citizens United. “What in this documentary does Terry McAuliffe not want Virginians to see? These lies and distortions reek of desperation because the stories told in the film happens to be true.”

“Fast Terry,” sheds light on a man who has embellished his business record. Terry McAuliffe has been a flamboyant political fundraiser who built his businesses and wealth through political connections. From chief fundraiser for the Democratic Party, to the Clintons’ right hand man, McAuliffe has profited from being at the center of power. Fast Terry exposes through never before seen interviews with former GreenTech employees how Terry McAuliffe’s politically motivated business decisions and empty promises have impacted the lives of Americans from Franklin, Virginia to Tunica, Mississippi. The 30-minute film is also available for free online at

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