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Whose Side is Obama Really on When it Comes to Education Reform?

President Obama talked about the need to rewrite the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law today in Virginia, but the Obama Administration must first unshackle itself from the failed status quo that the teachers unions represent in order to achieve real education reform. Two years ago the Obama Administration, and the then-Democrat led Congress, caved in to pressure from the teachers unions to discontinue funding for a successful school voucher program in Washington, DC. If the Obama Administration couldn’t say no to the teacher unions for a small voucher program that benefited disadvantaged children in his own backyard, there is no telling what other failed union policies he will acquiesce to when NCLB is reauthorized. President Obama appears to be unwilling to go against the powerful unions that fund his party and presidential campaigns, even when it’s clearly the right thing to do for our schoolchildren. In light of these facts, Americans should be wary of the President when he talks about education “reform” and question who he is really advocating for.

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