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80% Of Americans Want A Tax Increase?

There he goes again.  President Obama today laughably claimed that 80 percent of Americans want a tax increase to help bring down our nation’s debt. Just yesterday, Rasmussen had a poll saying 55 percent OPPOSE tax increases in a new debt deal.  This Administration is astoundingly tone deaf. The unemployment rate is at a crippling 9.2 percent, and Americans are struggling because of the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration. President Obama has yet to offer a credible plan to create jobs or get us out of the debt crisis. Instead, he resorts to scare tactics and temper tantrums to get his way.

Thankfully, House Republicans will be introducing the Cut, Cap, and Balance reform package next week. “Cut,” “cap,” and “balance” are three simple words that President Obama doesn’t seem to have in his lexicon.  The Cut, Cap, and Balance reform package puts into legislative language the three core beliefs of the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge:

1. Cut – Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter.

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2. Cap – Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path to a balanced budget.

3. Balance – Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses.

House Republicans are putting forth a plan that will rescue the American economy from an economic abyss. They are leading, while President Obama and his Democrat friends do nothing but pout and propose the same tired liberal policies that have cost our economy jobs and wealth. Please go to the Cut, Cap, and Balance website today and sign the pledge to encourage your members of Congress to support these principles so your voice can be heard in Washington.

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