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Fiscal Reality Check

America has a big spending problem – we are more than $16,000,000,000,000 (16 trillion) in debt.  That’s a fact. Here’s another fact regarding the recent fiscal cliff proposal reported in Politico this morning:  a deal involving $1.2 trillion in tax increases and $400 billion in phantom Medicare cuts will actually produce a net negative result […] – Obama’s Atrocities

When President Obama made the declaration last week that his stance on same-sex marriage had “evolved” into supporting it, the New York Times called me up to see what the conservative movement thought about Obama’s evolution. I said to the reporter, “Just when you thought the conservative movement couldn’t be any more energized against President […]


Today Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is introducing “DISCLOSE Act 2.0,” which will have the same failed outcome as the original DISCLOSE Act. DISCLOSE Act 2.0 is written to chill free speech and only serves the purpose of making sure incumbents are reelected. I guess Chuck Schumer only cares about the retention of the […]

Help Us, Supercommittee, You’re Our Only Hope!

With the national debt making news once again by exploding past the surreal $15 trillion mark, there is a glimmer of hope that those advocating for spending cuts as opposed to tax increases will get a shot in the arm for their cause as the Supercommittee approaches it’s deadline next week. Our country is $15 […]

State of the Economy Address

First time jobless claims were again over 400,000 (at 409,000) last week. Second quarter productivity slid to 0.7 percent for the second quarter in a row. Tomorrow fresh unemployment numbers come out for the month of August and if I had a crystal ball I would predict they will probably remain over 9 percent. Next […]

Democrat Super Committee Member Fun Facts

Who did the Senate Democrats pick to find budget cuts on the new debt super committee? Patty Murray: National Journal’s most-liberal Senator, 2008 vote rankings, and chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. John Kerry: National Journal’s most-liberal Senator, 2003 vote rankings, and 2004 presidential loser. Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free email newsletter […]

McCain’s Lack of Principle

John McCain’s screed on the Senate floor yesterday attacking House Republicans for standing against Speaker Boehner’s debt plan was embarrassing for a Senator whose best days are behind him. Those House freshmen he attacked are doing something John McCain knows little about anymore – fighting for principle. Fighting for principle is something that John McCain […]

LETTER TO SENATE: Support Cut, Cap, and Balance Act

Today, on behalf of over 500,000 members and supporters of Citizens United, I urged all members of the House of Representatives to vote to support the upcoming vote on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. All votes on this issue will be considered for Citizens United’s 2011 Congressional Ratings. This is the fifth vote alert […]