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Big Government: Occupy Unmasked: Once Is Not Enough

This is a warning to anybody planning to see Stephen K. Bannon’s “Occupy Unmasked” as it opens in theaters this weekend in Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles: clear some space on your calendar for a second viewing.

Occupy Unmasked is a dense film. It’s packed with ideas, images, sounds, and stories that were suppressed by a media culture all too eager to embrace the deeply un-American, radical ideas that lady at the heart of the Occupy movement and the modern left.

Prepare to be stunned. Bannon’s film is a gut punch to the liberal myth carefully built up by the mainstream media, academia, and forces of the institutional left.

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In preview screenings, the audience was left rocked back on their heels by the sheer amount of information and imagery. Occupy Unmasked demonstrates the power that a cinematic experience can have over just reading a blog post or watching a short YouTube video. First you’ll be shocked, then you’ll get mad, and then you are going to start replaying parts of the film over in your mind. That’s the point that you’re going to want to head back to the theater for a second viewing.

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