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Big Government

Big Government: Job Growth — What Job Growth?

For the first time, the unemployment rate has dropped below 8 percent under Obama, but that is no victory to crow about. 7.8 percent unemployment is still unacceptable.  Remember, President Obama promised that with his stimulus, the unemployment rate would be about 5.5 percent at this time. President Obama’s failed policies have led us down this […]

Big Government: Occupy Unmasked Vindicated: Leaders Concede Goal Is Revolution, Support Violence

Almost as quickly as the Occupy Unmasked film was released, Andrew Breitbart’s expose on the Occupy Wall Street movement, liberal critics began to attack the film’s honesty. Many claimed the film was inaccurate for portraying the movement as revolutionary in nature and prone to violence. Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin attended an advanced screening of the […]

Big Government: Occupy Unmasked: Once Is Not Enough

This is a warning to anybody planning to see Stephen K. Bannon’s “Occupy Unmasked” as it opens in theaters this weekend in Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles: clear some space on your calendar for a second viewing. Occupy Unmasked is a dense film. It’s packed with ideas, images, sounds, and stories that were suppressed […]

Big Government: Breitbart Alive, at #War in ‘Occupy Unmasked’

The Citizens United film by Stephen K. Bannon opens at theaters in Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles this Friday, but the original trailer for the film has been online for months and building momentum for an eager audience. When I saw that there was a completely recut trailer, I wondered why they’d decided to recreate an […]

Big Government: Arab Spring and Its Occupy (Unmasked) Cousin Both Berserk over Critics’ Movies

While Americans watch aghast as the Obama-endorsed Arab Spring uprisings explode into violence allegedly over the contents of a movie, we have a small shadow version taking place right here over the upcoming Citizens United production “Occupy Unmasked,” presented by Andrew Breitbart and directed by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.   The kindred spirits of […]

Big Government: Occupiers, Meet the Resistance

Andrew knew far more about the Occupy movement than I did, and knowledge vaccinated him against my strain of daftly misguided compassion. He had spent long months working on the chilling new film Occupy Unmasked, poring over news items, inside accounts from former members, and detailed police reports. He also had followed the networks of […]

Big Government: If It’s Hello 1980, It’s Goodbye Obama

Is 2012 turning out to be another 1980? After seeing and hearing the Democrats at their convention in Charlotte, it’s almost becoming eerie at this point. The sad truth for Democrats is that little has changed in 32 years. There’s an unmistakable feeling in politics that you get when you don’t feel quite right about […]