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Big Government: ‘Occupy Unmasked’ Q&A a Spirited Debate for Opposing Viewpoints

The much-anticipated screening of the Andrew Breitbart/Citizens United production of Steven K. Bannon’s “Occupy Unmasked” was an object lesson in the difference between the left and the right in ways that went far beyond just what was on the screen. The progressive establishment has become the enemy of free speech in America, and the new conservative movement, as typified by the late Andrew Breitbart, has become its bastion.
So when a noticeably large contingent of leftist media and organizers including Code Pink showed up at the RNC screening of “Occupy Unmasked,” they were welcomed rather than turned away. The hope was that the guests would follow Andrew Breitbart’s advice to CPAC occupiers and behave. Fortunately for everyone, the audience was perfectly well-behaved and there were no outbursts or violent attempts to stop the film.

This led to a lively and dynamic question-and-answer session with stars of the film, including Anita Moncrief, Brandon Darby, Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, Bryan Carmody, and producers David Bossie and Steven K. Bannon.

Not surprisingly, the film and its critical depiction of the Occupy movement was received well by the conservatives in attendance and not especially kindly by the defenders of the movement.

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