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President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry made a terrible nuclear deal with Iran, a nation that has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted.

Irresponsible concessions were made that jeopardize the safety of America and our great ally, Israel. Now, the decision is in the hands of Congress. Congress must stand up and reject this deal that President Obama and Secretary Kerry are trying to impose on the American people.

The Iran nuclear deal poses an imminent threat to American and Israeli citizens. The concessions made to the Iranian government provide no confidence that Iran will live up to its end of the bargain. Facility checks are few and far between, allowing for a concealment of nuclear production. Beyond the Obama Administration’s cagey disclosure of the full details of the Iran deal, it was made in the wake of Iranian citizens chanting in streets across their country, “Death to America and Israel.” Regardless of the deal’s technicalities and timeline, the overall concern remains: Iran will have an easier opportunity to obtain and use nuclear weapons under this deal. This unacceptable outcome will cause immediate harm to America and Israel.

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For those who still have a difficult time understanding the severity of this threat, intelligence officials have stated that documents captured in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound include information on Iran’s relationship with al Qaeda over the past two decades. This information includes details of Iran’s support for al Qaeda’s attacks on Americans. Without any hesitation, I would demand that these documents, filled with extremely significant information, be made public immediately.

The majority of America, however, is very aware of the gravity of the situation. Recent poll numbers indicate that 57 percent of the American people oppose the deal, and 58 percent believe it will make the world less safe. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu articulated the concerns of many with his statement: “In the coming decade, the deal will reward Iran, the terrorist regime in Tehran, with hundreds of billions of dollars. This cash bonanza will fuel Iran’s terrorism worldwide, its aggression in the region and its efforts to destroy Israel, which are ongoing.” I agree and stand firmly by Israel’s side.

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