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Budget Day = Crickets

Today President Obama by law is supposed to submit his Fiscal Year 2014 budget to Congress. President Obama has only met this statute once during his presidency and today will be no different. We are a country that has nearly a $16.5 trillion national debt and President Obama is yet again failing at his duties.

Every night American families sit around their kitchen tables and are forced to (?) make the hard choices and plan out their household budget. Why can’t the federal government do the same? The answer is very simple….politics. President Obama is beholden to his liberal power base and he refuses to go against them. It is clear that Obama’s Big Government policies are leading America down a path towards fiscal insolvency.

With President Obama yet again missing the statutory date of submitting a budget coupled with the United States Senate not passing a budget in nearly four years, it is no wonder Americans think Washington is broken. At least House Republicans are putting pressure on President Obama by introducing a bill this week authored by Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) that will force President Obama to lay out a date when his budget (if he ever submits one) will balance.

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This commonsense approach will require the President to produced a balanced budget and if he does not the legislation calls for the President to go back to the drawing board. America cannot sustain its current spending levels and it’s time for President Obama to recognize that this cavalier spending must to stop.

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