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National debt

Budget Day = Crickets

Today President Obama by law is supposed to submit his Fiscal Year 2014 budget to Congress. President Obama has only met this statute once during his presidency and today will be no different. We are a country that has nearly a $16.5 trillion national debt and President Obama is yet again failing at his duties. […]

Cagle Post: Standing Firm For America

With less than three weeks until America goes over the fiscal cliff, it’s important that all Americans understand how we got into this position in the first place. President Obama’s utter lack of leadership over the past four years has made our financial situation worse. Along with Democrats in Congress, President Obama refused to tackle […]

Cagle Post: The Bunker Mentality

Tonight President Obama will attempt to right the ship of his listless campaign during the second of three crucial debates. Set as a town hall-style debate, President Obama must connect with his fellow Americans in order to score some points. The problem is that President Obama has been in the White House bunker since he […]

Cagle Post: A Slip of the Tongue or Just the Truth?

In the past week there have been two instances where President Obama or a member of his administration were far more candid than usual. Maybe it was because both were not in front of Teleprompters or scripted on poll-tested talking points. President Obama and his administration have continuously altered the facts to prepare the landscape […]

Cagle Post: 1,000 Days of Absurdity

Last week the United States Senate passed a dubious milestone and fittingly it came on the day President Obama gave his State of the Union address. January 24th marked the 1,000th day since the Harry Reid Senate last passed a federal budget. Families across America sit around their kitchen tables and work on their budgets. […]

Help Us, Supercommittee, You’re Our Only Hope!

With the national debt making news once again by exploding past the surreal $15 trillion mark, there is a glimmer of hope that those advocating for spending cuts as opposed to tax increases will get a shot in the arm for their cause as the Supercommittee approaches it’s deadline next week. Our country is $15 […]

Cagle Post: A Commonsense Plan in a World Gone Soft

America has a spending problem. Our national debt is racing towards the $15 trillion mark each and every day because of a culture of irresponsible spending in Washington. Throughout the ongoing Obama Recession, Americans have had to sit around the kitchen table and make hard cuts to their household budgets – Washington must do the […]