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Conservative Leaders to Congress: Oppose Any Budget Deal That Raises Spending Levels or Increases Revenue

As budget negotiations between the House and Senate continue, we write to urge Congress to oppose any legislation that increases spending above current law or raises new federal revenue. According to reports, the House and Senate conference committee that was recently convened to negotiate the federal budget is considering a plan that would violate Congress’ […] America Needs A Real Budget Process

The government shutdown is over and the political elites in Washington, D.C. decided to pass a short-term budget, known as a Continuing Resolution, while fully funding Obamacare. They made sure furloughed federal employees will be paid for their 16-day vacation. Without giving the public a chance to read the compromise, members of Congress added lots […]

Obama’s Flawed Budget

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget was released today and it was more of the same Big Government spending. Of note, the proposed White House budget calls for $580 billion in additional taxes from American families. President Obama has always been a tax and spend liberal and this budget just adds another exclamation point to […] Standing Up For The Conservative Cause

I want to thank the 104 patriots of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) who courageously stood for their “Back to Basics” budget this week. By proposing sweeping entitlement reforms and by limiting Obamacare, the “Back to Basics” budget would have balanced our country’s federal budget in just four years. Washington has an awful spending problem, […]

Vote Alert – RSC Budget 2013

With an anemic economy and reckless federal deficit, Citizens United believes the RSC budget is the most efficient vehicle to job creation, economic prosperity, and a balanced budget. Vote Alert- RSC Budget 2013 by CitizensUnited Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free email newsletter and get all the latest sent directly to your inbox. Your […]

Budget Day = Crickets

Today President Obama by law is supposed to submit his Fiscal Year 2014 budget to Congress. President Obama has only met this statute once during his presidency and today will be no different. We are a country that has nearly a $16.5 trillion national debt and President Obama is yet again failing at his duties. […]

Bigger and Bigger Deficits

More bad news shows the fiscal well-being of America is steadily on the decline. The government reported that May’s budget deficit was $125 billion. This catastrophic number is more than double the amount for the month of May just last year. At a time when the financial stability of our economy is delicate and the […]

Cagle Post: Three Years of Failure

The last time the United States Senate passed a budget was three years ago on April 29, 2009. It is a complete outrage that what is supposed to be the greatest deliberative body in the world cannot figure out a fiscally sane budget that will put America back on a path towards prosperity. I have […]

LETTER TO CONGRESS: Oppose Budget Control Act

Today, on behalf of over 500,000 members and supporters of Citizens United, I urged all members of Congress to vote against the Budget Control Act of 2011. All votes on this issue will be considered for Citizens United’s 2011 Congressional Ratings. Please see all previous Ratings letters here. Full letter below: Citizens United’s 2011 Congressional […]