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Cagle Post: What the States Can Teach Us about Obamanomics

As November approaches it is becoming more and more apparent that President Barack Obama has little to no idea what it really takes to run our country. Leave it to a community organizer to run the country into an economic abyss. The U.S. economy is stagnant, with high unemployment, deficits, and debts as far as the eye can see, and yet President Obama is still relying on the same old stale liberal policies. One way to showcase how Obamanomics has failed American citizens is by examining the economic landscapes of individual states that have adopted differing strategies for financial recovery.

States such as California and Obama’s old stomping ground of Illinois have adopted liberal deficit spending policies that mirror the President’s excessive government policies. These states do not have much else to show for their liberal agenda other than high unemployment and a large pile of debt. Illinois posts an 8.7 percent unemployment rate, which is well above the national average. In California, the bastion of liberal ideology, Sacramento is swimming in debt that is approaching the $16 billion mark, on the heels of a credit downgrade. President Obama’s liberal ideology is failing at all levels of government, not just at the federal level where he is to blame.

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