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Cagle Post: What the States Can Teach Us about Obamanomics

As November approaches it is becoming more and more apparent that President Barack Obama has little to no idea what it really takes to run our country. Leave it to a community organizer to run the country into an economic abyss. The U.S. economy is stagnant, with high unemployment, deficits, and debts as far as […]

Time: Dead Magazine Walking

On January 8th, Time Magazine ran an article with the headline “Violent Rhetoric and Arizona Politics” in the wake of the tragic shootings in Arizona. The article tried to tie heated rhetoric and the immigration debate in Arizona to the Giffords shootings. In reality the shootings were committed by a homicidal maniac who has mental […]

Playing with Fire in Wisconsin

Organizing for America, President Obama’s political arm, is playing a vital role in the union protests happening in Madison, Wisconsin this week. Facing a $3.6 billion budget hole, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is taking reasonable steps to close the budget gap with union reforms. President Obama, and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, are meddling in this important […]