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Cagle Post: Why Paul Ryan Terrifies Democrats

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a bold and visionary choice in selecting House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to join the GOP ticket. The Ryan pick firmly places the economy and our dire fiscal situation in the spotlight, the issue Americans care the most about and the one Team Obama is trying the hardest to avoid. The Romney-Ryan campaign has serious substantive solutions to get us back on solid footing economically, to the chagrin of an Obama-Biden campaign that can only run on ridiculous non-issues and smears like dogs, tax returns, and cancer deaths.

Paul Ryan will be relentless and he must be licking his chops at the prospect of picking apart Joe Biden in the VP debate this fall. Sheriff Joe has stepped in it so many times it’s amazing he’s still on the ticket. You can be sure that if Paul Ryan had made the same racially charged comments Biden made when he said the Republican Party is “going to put y’all back in chains,” that the entire Left and mainstream media would be calling for his head. The double standard that is being displayed is astonishing, but Ryan can handle it.

Read more at Cagle Post here.

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